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At the Helsingborg office you will meet a number of competent and capable logistics experts with many years in the business. We, at CargoCare, strive to offer you excellent personal service and take ownership of your case in order to deliver high quality results. We work proactibely and integrated with our customers from start to finish, always focusing on the project at hand. Our goal is to be a partner you can rely on in every aspect of your shipment process, 24 hours a day all year round. Vi arbetar proaktivt, lyhört och integrerat med dig som kund från start till mål. Vi har alltid som målsättning att det ska vara lätt att frakta via oss, oavsett vilka utmaningar ni kan tänkas ha. Vi sitter redo att hjälpa dig dygnet runt, hela året om. 

Trust us with your transport so you can spend your valuable time on something else.

Anno 1990

Since 1990 CargoCare has conducted business with focus on truck transport in western Europe. We have a fleet containing a large number of fully equipped trailers in order to offer qualitative and safe transportation. Since 2016 we broadened our transport modes due to an acquisition of NL Transport. We also added customs brokerage management at this time. We always aim to offer the most efficient and qualitative transport solutions for every need.

We work continuesly with improvements in our infrastructure and supply chain to always be competetive on the market. Our goal is to offer high quality service in every aspect of pur cooperation with our clients. Thanks to our overseas network and partners we are able to offer you great transport solutions with a good price tag. Our collaborative and service minded supply chain generates happy customers, exactly as is should be, all the way!


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Hampus Ehrenstråle
Tobias Sjöholm

Tobias Sjöholm

Customs services/Sea/Air

Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson

Customs services/Sea/Air

Hall of Fame

We have laid the foundation for a company that cares, all the way

Hans Lindén

Founder of CargoCare 1990.
Owner and CEO 1990-2004. Retired in 2004.

Karl Erik Nilsson

Started his career at CargoCare 2002.
Made partner in 2004. CEO 2004-2011. Retired in 2011.

Bill Andersson

Started his career at CargoCare in 1999.
Made partner in 2004. Owner between 2011-2015. CEO 2009-2015. Retired in 2015.

Mats Ekström

Started his career at CargoCare 1990.
Administration between 1990-2015. Retired in 2016.

Mats Gabrielsson

Started his career at CargoCare 2016.
Sales between 2016-2018. Retired in 2018.