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Air freight is the perfect option when you need to move goods quickly. Air freight gives you the opportunity to transport everything from large-scale projects to express deliveries,courier parcels and small unit goods. Drawing on our wide network and our flexible approach, we provide competitive, high-quality solutions to carry your air freight consignments from A to B quickly and efficiently.

We have been working in the sector for more than 30 years, during which time we have completed more than 49,000 projects and made deliveries to and from more than 100 countries. When you work with us, we provide top quality service backed by ISO 14001 environmental management certified by Den Norske Veritas. In addition to air freight, we can assist with everything from government ordinances, freight regulations, customs rules and simplifications, and can help with other important documents required for trade within and outside the EU.

We can handle all kinds of goods and transport requirements, and can combine your air freight consignment with road transport and sea freight. In addition, we operate an efficient transport system that allows you to keep track of your air freight consignment and provides clear, concise communication on an ongoing basis.


Flexible and efficient air freight

We at CargoCare provide bespoke, cost-efficient and flexible air freight solutions for large and small businesses all over the world. We handle everything from small express deliveries, courier consignments and unit goods to large-scale projects. Making use of our worldwide network and comprehensive range of transport options, we can meet your individual needs reliably and professionally.

Choose between transit solutions that encompass everything from time-sensitive tasks and fast deliveries to more cost-efficient transport solutions – and everything in between. We assess your delivery as a whole and then present the best solutions for your air transport assignment, every step of the way.

What air freight solution is best suited for you?

No matter whether you prioritise express delivery or a more cost-efficient air freight solution, we can always accommodate your wishes. We supply a range of highly flexible products involving carefully selected air carriers, allowing you to choose the delivery speed that best matches your transport requirements, both nationally and internationally. When you work with us, you can be sure that your deliveries will reach their destination, quickly, safely and in perfect condition.   

Book an air freight solution with a partner who cares!

Our air freight experts work proactively, attentively and in close consultation with you, our customer, from start to finish. Our ambition is to ensure that it is always simple to send freight with us, irrespective of what challenges you may be facing. We are ready and waiting to help you 24/7, all year round. Call on us to take care of your transport tasks so you can devote your valuable time to something else. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Air Freight:

What is air freight?

Air freight involves the transportation of goods and cargo by airplanes. It is a fast and reliable method suitable for express deliveries, large-scale projects, and situations where quick delivery is crucial. Air freight enables global deliveries with minimal transit times.

How much does air freight cost?

The cost of air freight varies depending on factors such as weight, volume, distance, urgency, security requirements, and flight route. It's best to contact us with details about your goods for precise pricing and information on cost-influencing factors. Air freight is usually more expensive than road and sea freight. 

How efficient is air freight?

Air freight is a highly efficient solution for deliveries that require rapid and global coverage. With short transit times and high security standards, air freight is ideal for time-sensitive goods and international shipments. However, the choice between different shipping methods should be carefully considered based on specific requirements and budget constraints, as air freight can often be more expensive, especially for large or heavy shipments.

Why should I choose CargoCare?

With over 30 years of experience, CargoCare has successfully completed over 49,000 projects and delivered goods to and from Sweden to over 100 countries. Our commitment to environmental safety is reflected in ISO 14001 and Det Norske Veritas certifications. In addition to air freight, we assist with regulations, shipping rules, customs regulations, simplifications, and other essential documents for trade within and outside the EU.

When should I choose air freight?

Choose air freight when quick delivery and short transit times are crucial, especially for urgent or international shipments. Air freight is best suited for lightweight and valuable goods where speed takes precedence over shipping costs.

Can I combine air freight with other modes of transport, such as road and sea freight?

Yes, we offer flexibility in combining air freight with road and sea freight. Our efficient transport systems allow tracking of your air freight with continuous updates and clear communication.

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Flexible air freight

We customize freight solutions for your unique need, all the way

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When time is of essence

The best choice for time sensitive express deliveries.

Global services

With our global network we offer cross-border trade management

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